Thursday, 10 March 2016

Things that irritate me since having a baby

This post will definitely be added to in the future as my life trundles along. I'm happy to share the ranty (is that a word?) thoughts I have on an almost daily basis. Ladies and gentleman, I give you 'Things that irritate me since having a baby'

things that irritate me since having a baby

1. The placement of menus at Drive-Thrus. I want to decide what to eat before I order, I want to have a gander at the menu. Why do they place a menu after the speaker box? I want it placed before the speaker box and if I'm being really picky right next to it would be really handy!

2.Cash points when you have a baby. Can someone invent a drive thru cash point. I don't want to wrestle the pram out of the boot and then wrangle a sleeping baby from his warm car seat to go and get a tenner out so I can pay for the stay and play session.

3. People that park in parent and child spaces and don't have any children with them. I have spent a lot of time observing this in the last 11 months. The older generation gives no shits when it comes to parking in the wrong spaces.

4. Why are all Mummy and baby groups at 10.30am? How they hell do people get out for 10,30am looking like they've got their shit together with a baby. They should all be at 1.00pm until the age of 3 at least. Hopefully, I will have my shit together by then.

5. People that do not clean up after their child/children in restaurants. Bomber will throw things on the floor whilst eating it's normal, however, I pick it up after our meal. It's not acceptable to leave your table and surrounding floor area looking like a whirling food dervish has been.

6. Coffee cup size descriptions. I do not want a lesson in Italian when ordering coffee. I'm tired. I have Mum brain. The words 'primo', 'medio' and 'assimo' or 'tall', 'grande', and 'venti' mean nothing to me. Just give me a large latte and a cake.

7. Baby changing areas with no toilet. How am I supposed to go to the toilet with a baby (who is probably sleeping) in the pram. I have weak pelvic floor muscles, I cannot hold it. If I need to go I needed to go 5 minutes ago. Please just put a toilet in the baby changing area that's big enough for me to take the pram in.

8. Shops and it's mainly clothing shops that seem to design their aisles on purpose so prams cannot go down them. Just put a sign up saying no frumpy, milk stained Mommas in here it saves the embarrassment.

9. Mr. Bombers reaction to Bomber screaming. No, I will not hurry up so we can leave as this teaches him that losing his shit will result in his parents reacting to his wobbler. He can sit there and figure it out and no I don't care that the old couple is staring and tutting.

10. Over 5's in the under 5's play area practicing their dive bombing. I seriously do not care that you have told little Johnny to play nice with the babies. Remove little Johnny and shove him in the ball pool so we can all ignore our children and eat cake in peace.

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  1. I could've written a lot of these myself!! In fact, I think you've inspired me to write something similar in the future! I found myself easily wound up by things after I had a baby, certainly for the first year or so. Baby changing facilities with no toilet like you say and don't get me started on soft play with 5 year olds dive bombing near to my little babe! My face would contort with rage! Really good post #coolmumclub

  2. Apologies if you get two comments from me, not sure if the one yesterday worked!

    I love this, I so agree with most of these. Particularly the toilets in changing areas. And early baby groups! One of ours is at 11am and it is such a struggle. #coolmumclub

  3. Yes, yes, and yes, especially #4...there is no way I can ever leave the house before 10.30am. Enjoyed reading this post. Agree about the drive thru menu. Why do they have them at the box? I am always craning my neck to see if I can see what's on special before driving up. I end up going 'uummmm..." for a long time before ordering. Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything

  4. Suddenly SO many things become irritating once you have a baby. I blame the hormones! Well, mine anyway lol. Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub lovely x

  5. Oh I can agree with so many of these. It is so difficult to leave the house and totally agree with the drive through menu. Why can't they be earlier on. Everything does seem that bit more annoying especially with the lack of sleep x Thanks for linking #abitofeverything xx