Thursday, 17 March 2016

The dummy diary: Part 1

This is the start of us weaning Bomber from his dummy at 11 months old. The dummy diary is a series of blog updates detailing the ups and down, tears and tantrums. This is the first installment. 

Baby Bomber currently has a dummy. It was introduced to him when he was approx 3 months old. We were aware a dummy could reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and that was about as far as our research went. He didn't really require a dummy at home, he very rarely cried and would naturally settle to sleep by himself (I know you can just hate me now if you want)
I am now writing this from that post baby part of my brain that doesn't really work that well so I may gloss over things. 

baby with dummy in mouth

One day we went out shopping and Bomber cried and cried and cried. Mr Bomber and I were beyond tired and stressed and were still to do the much loved chore of food shopping.
As we walked around Tesco's I smiled at Mr Bomber and skipped merrily down the baby aisle (I might be lying about smiling and skipping) I grabbed a packet of dummies and tossed them in the trolley with a smug smile on my face because you know we hadn't given into using one like everyone else any they were just for emergencies. Hahahahaha who the hell am I kidding? I would probably slap that smug me now.
Baby Bomber continued to cry when we got in the car. Now this is the bit I distinctly remember with clarity. I leaned over grabbed the pack of dummies and ripped them open. I shoved one in baby Bombers screaming gob and he STOPPED SCREAMING. Long story short, he had access to it all the time and it quickly became a comforter to him along with Mickey Mouse, Giff Gaff Giraffe and little Husky. 

So now you find us trying to wean the baby off the dummy so we don't damage his speech and his teeth apparently. I've still not actually researched it!

Daytime. went out for a walk around town. We forgot the Dummy. This has kickstarted us into deciding that we are going to wean Bomber off the dummy. We ate in a lovely cafe and shared muffins with a pot of tea. Bomber started rubbing his eyes. He started to look for the dummy. We rushed the last of our tea and promptly left the cafe with a screaming child. He was still screaming when we got to the car. I had tried to distract him with forbidden things he's not normally allowed to touch, like the Sudocrem tube, the hand sanitiser, my phone. In the car and I was hopeful that the motion of the car as we went around the multi-storey would send him to sleep. Still screaming. We decide we may as well go food shopping as he's still awake. We arrive at the supermarket and he's asleep. Success.

Night time. Decided I would try and put him to bed without the dummy. Mistake. he knew instantly it was not in his mouth the second I lay him down. He screamed. I retrieved the dummy and stuck it in his mouth. Instant sleep. This is going to be hard.

Daytime: Today we were dedicated to the cause. We decided that distraction was the best way. We both decided that we would go to soft play. We left the dummy at home. We were out for 3 hours. He was playing with a boy that was using a dummy, I was waiting for him to either try and pinch it or look to me for dummy insertion but he didn't. On the car journey home, he fell asleep so he is capable of sleeping without having a dummy in his mouth. I felt somewhat triumphant that we had gone cold turkey yesterday and today he didn't want the dummy, I am Super Mum and I have nailed this. WRONG! As soon as we got home and tiredness kicked in and he wanted it.

Night time: He was exhausted and screaming. Bomber screams when he is tired and gets all red, sweaty and snotty, it's not nice. I lay him down without the dummy but he wasn't having any of it. He knew he wanted it. He got the dummy and was asleep within 5 minutes. It's going to be a hard habit to break.

Daytime: He wakes up and I take the dummy away straight away. I was pottering around upstairs and Bomber was crawling around and creating his usual chaos pulling everything down within hands reach. He suddenly speed crawls into our bedroom and starts giggling. He's standing looking at me triumphantly with the dummy in his mouth! I take it away. This kick started what I can only describe as a massive wobbler. He screamed and made that really annoying whinge cry that babies do for 2 hours. We held out though he didn't get it back. He went the rest of the day without it. He still whimpers in certain situations. When we put him in his car seat, we would pop the dummy in but he's learning we no longer are giving it to him so it settling quicker.

Night time: didn't even try to put him to bed without it, just gave him the dummy straight away. I'm weak and I want a few hours of silence in the house. This makes me feel like everything we are doing is pointless. However, I have noticed that during the day he is making a lot more chatter noises than before. Maybe I don't have to feel so guilty.

Daytime: Today we are going to Crufts. I pack the dummy in the bag as we are leaving the house early. I cannot comprehend sitting in the car with a screaming baby in the early morning whilst driving to the NEC. So it's in the bag, safe. It's in his mouth safe by 2 pm as he was having a meltdown and needing a nap. There was so much stuff going on around him he couldn't nod off. Dummy inserted and sleep obtained. Due to some seriously bonkers thinking we decide to go to Ikea after Crufts. The dummy is in. I'm not even going to attempt to remove it.

Night time: We got in late. Very very late. Tonight the dummy is staying firmly in the mouth.


I wanted to have this nailed in a week. I didn't realise how much of a comforter it was to him. If he falls he looks for it. If he is tired he looks for it.

Maybe I should write a book not a series of blog posts.

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