Wednesday, 10 February 2016

If only we had communicated

It started with a Birthday present. Through a lack of communication, it quickly spiralled into an argument. If only we had communicated how we both felt.

If only we had communicated fish in tank

Mr Bomber went out with baby Bomber today. They went to buy me a Birthday present. They came back full of smiles and I could see that Mr Bomber was rather proud of the gift he had purchased. He was so proud that he was going to let me have it the day before my Birthday. This is unheard of with Mr Bomber. He is the type of person that will never ever peek at presents. I, however, will gleefully shake the box and try to peel a corner off to get a peek at what it is. He always hides any gifts he has purchased for me and I'm only allowed them on the intended day.

Before I dive in and explain what happened I will explain that I had been in bed while the boys were out shopping. I am recovering (again) from a cold that knocked me sideways. Baby Bomber is teething and has been exceptionally clingy for two weeks.

Mr Bomber handed me baby Bomber and ran out of the bedroom to get the gift. I was forced to keep my eyes closed.

When I opened my eyes I found a huge fish tank in front of me, along with gravel and an ornament.

Baby Bomber smiled whilst batting the box, it was obvious the boys were thrilled with the new purchase.

I smiled and thanked him. I've always wanted fish. Every time we visit the pet shop I always asked for fish. I genuinely was pleased with the thought that had gone into this gift. The boys had a great time at the pet shop looking at all the fishes and picking out an ornament.

My reaction to receiving the gift was not enough for Mr Bomber. He thought I was being ungrateful.

He didn't communicate this to me.

I came down for dinner that Mr Bomber had kindly prepared for us. The baby was in the high chair eating happily. Mr Bomber declared that the ham we were eating was four days out of date (I genuinely think this is a man thing eating out of date food) He then proudly stated that he had tasted the ham and it was fine.

My reaction to eating out of date ham was to walk out of the living room and abandon my dinner. I was angry as I have a really sensitive stomach and I haven't got the strength left in me for another illness.

I didn't communicate this to him.

The end result was Mr Bomber storming out of the house to return the gift and we both wasted a day not talking to each other. If only at those two key points we had communicated how we felt. If only we had told each other that we were both tired and a little bit grouchy.

30 minutes later Mr Bomber returned. We did eventually talk. We sat and threw balls at each other from the ball pit. Bomber rolled around laughing at us.

Square Peg Mum

p.s He didn't return the gift. I now have a lovely fish tank in the bedroom.

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