Monday, 11 January 2016

The 5 stolen moments of adult time

31 years of just being me and now I'm down to the 5 stolen moments of adult time in my day.

1. When Mr Bomber is driving the car. We can only be 2 minutes from home but I can still squeeze a nap in. I can guarantee that I will fall into the deepest possible sleep and feel seriously shit for it.

2. When we've been to playgroup and he falls asleep in his car seat. Hello McD's coffee and Facebook.

3. Nap times at home. These are sporadic and I can be certain that if I NEED to do something Bomber will NOT nap. However if he does, I grab a cup of tea. He will wake up just as I breathe the silence in and no tea will have been drunk.

warming hands on mug of tea
I dream of a hot cup of tea

4. Shopping. If we go to town and Bomber falls asleep in his pram/sling. I will find anywhere to have a coffee, cake. This is sometimes risky as he can wake mid coffee, cake and I guarantee he will be angry, really angry as I'm not sharing my cake.

5. At night. Bomber has always been a good sleeper (I know don't hate me) This is tricky though as by 8pm I'm shattered. I want to spend time with Mr Bomber but I also want to update my blog, catch up on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp oh and watch grown up TV. I'm quickly realising that staying up until 1am to squeeze all of this in is completely bonkers. It also makes me incredibly grumpy at the 7am wake up.

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  1. I never knew there was 5 stolen moments lol I hardly get any, he slept good last night and is doing good tonight but it's been a long road with him these 10 months. It is sooo hard trying to squeeze everything in, I should be in bed right now lol, welcome to the blog world and hope to read more of your posts soon #thebabyformula

    Pauline x

  2. I should also be in bed lol! It is really hard trying to fit anything in with small people they really do take up alot of time. Thank you for leaving me a comment and I also look forward to reading more of your posts xx

  3. Thank you for sharing on #TheBabyFormula (and sorry for taking so long to comment... it's been one of those weeks!!)

    Fab post, I completely agree, I always do all of these, particularly try to cram as much in to the evening as I can... feeling shattered in the morning. It's SO not good! I know how you feel...

    Hope you can pop back next week too #TheBabyFormula