Sunday, 13 December 2015

Tis the season to be SNOTTY

Last week I made a very silly mistake. Whilst gleefully stuffing my face with cake I announced to my group of Mummy friends (not the wrapped in toilet paper kind, the parenting type) Bomber had still not been ill. He was still a Calpol virgin and I was yet to experience the wrestle with the syringe. I should have know it was the season to be SNOTTY!

Before I was a parent being ill would have had me wrapped up in comfy pyjamas a huge mug of tea, perhaps a box of broken biscuits and staying in bed for a few days, like an unwashed sad whale.


Fast forward a week and Bomber started coughing and then two days later so did I. We were ill together. Sore throats, runny noses and we both had a temperature.

Even though Bomber was ill he still wanted to get up at 7am. He still wanted to stick to the same routine he has most days. Milk, nap and then some more milk followed by his hour of playing. I was in mourning as there was a very real and sudden realisation that I could no longer have a sickness day in bed. Mr Bomber had also gone away for the weekend so I was going it alone for the very first time with an ill baby.

Bomber became increasingly grouchy but I still had my trump card to play with the Calpol. Or so I thought because who invented that syringe? who decided that it was an easy way to get medicine into a tiny human that thrashes around? I slowly tried to squeeze it into his mouth I realised that actually the syringe is useless. It actually fired it into his mouth which caused him to gag. Bomber threw up over me a beautiful mixture of Strawberry (sugar and colour free, don't judge me!) Calpol and boob milk It was a distinct smell and this caused me to gag. We are both sat on the floor in a pool of vomit gagging at each other and crying feeling dam sorry for ourselves. I said out loud to myself WELCOME TO PARENTING.

I also found out this week that there is such a thing as a snot sucker. I love Bomber more than any words can describe but quite simply my love does not stretch to sucking snot out of his face, even typing this has caused me to gag! However he has mastered taking Calpol from the syringe and now sucks it like a lollipop, not sure if this is a bad reflection on me though.

Square Peg Mum

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