Wednesday, 30 December 2015

That weird bit between Christmas and New Year

Our first Christmas is over and I can declare we have all survived, we have eaten 3 roasts in a row and shoveled hideous amounts of shortbread into our mouths. The multi coloured shit has started some kind of breeding programme in the toy box and has multiplied!

Bomber has received a ridiculous amount of toys that is not only over stimulating to him, but also to me! Am I the only one that has to match all the pieces to each toy and line them up in a specific way before being able to relax when the baby has gone to bed? There always seems to be one piece missing, I know that the fire engine has 5 pieces of Mega Block in it so where is the 5th piece!! Crazy legs ladybug has the most annoying shapes that have to be placed back on it every night but somehow the circle piece is ALWAYS sodding missing!

I am also currently learning a whole new singing repertoire:
Laugh and Learn puppy and his "GREEN HAND"
Laugh and Learn cookie jar "Shapes are in my cookie jar, triangle heart and star....."
Beat Bo who is my favourite (this is a lie, he might have to loose his batteries soon) so far as it's what I sing ALL DAY "Do the Beat Bo boogy clap, do the Beat Bo boogy clap clap clap" along with "see the colours on my screen".

We have reached that weird bit between Christmas and New Year. Nobody knows what day of the week it is so every day feels like a Sunday which is really helpful as I'm very doubtful that I will actually fit into any clothes unless they are pyjamas or my old faithful maternity jeans, stretchy waistbands only of course.
I must confess that I have taken down the decorations and removed the tree, Bomber must have had a growth spurt as he started to reach the very bottom baubles and took great delight in waiting for me to tell him NO before throwing his head back laughing then yanking at the entire tree.

Happy New Year to you all. 

Square Peg Mum

P.S Don't drink too much on New Years Eve if you have children, you will regret it ALOT the next morning and I'm not even sure if McD's is open to aid recovery! xx

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