Monday, 30 November 2015

Hello from the otherside..... of the playpen

This week saw the release of Adele's new single titled Hello. Ironically this week Bomber is learning to wave when you say Hello.

Jumperoo we love you!

It was also another big change in our house, I was nearly crying actual tears when dismantling the Jumperoo and wishing it a sad farewell! This equipment gave me a small piece of sanity back when I was very nearly at the point of sitting in the corner mumbling to myself.
I remember thinking that I had massively underestimated how much I loved my own arms and having them to myself. I longed for somewhere that little Bomber could happily sit and be entertained safely, whilst my arms and me reacquainted ourselves. The Jumperoo allowed me to go and make myself a cup of tea or even a cheeky sandwich. The Jumperoo allowed me to achieve! Thank you Jumperoo for all you did for my sanity. We will miss you!

Baby prison
As we had said goodbye to the most marvellous Jumperoo we said Hello to a new piece of equipment known as baby prison the playpen.
Bomber learned to stand at 7 months. I will state this now, we didn't ever encourage him to sit/crawl/stand I was happy to have a baby that liked sitting on a play mat surrounded by their toys whilst I watched a box set. I realise now that this was some kind of Pinterest pipe dream I had imagined about Motherhood. The reality is a 7 month old yanking themselves up on any upright surface they can find and standing like a drunken sailor and then him falling onto his head mostly and resembling Frankenstein for a few days after. I suddenly had nowhere safe and secure to hold him. What was I supposed to do if I went to get myself that cheeky sandwich or go and microwave my cup of tea for the 15th time.
The playpen has been up for a week now and it's amazing! Bomber is happy to sit in there for 15 minutes with his toys waving hello to me whilst I run around the house trying to get some of the household chores done.
Word of warning, I stupidly Googled "playpen good or bad" last night and then instantly regretted it with articles about playpens delaying babies development. I came to the conclusion that these articles were surely written by a)people that have not had children or b)people that can afford nannies to look after their children.

Our baby prison is staying and I'm pretty sure Bomber will not suffer any developmental delays.

P.S If you every clean your Jumperoo be sure to hook out the green part with the elephant, monkey and parrot. We found some seriously interesting looking slime underneath ours!!!

Square Peg Mum

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

An introduction to Square Peg Mum

My first blog I'm trying to find my inner monologue, sounds filthy! I better explain the name of my blog.
Square Peg Mum that's me, it's how I feel now and have felt since the day I became pregnant. During pregnancy I felt embarrassed by my ever growing belly, only at the very last month did I feel comfortable with its size, by then it was too late to embrace the whole pregnancy wardrobe that I should have treated myself to. Instead my maternity wardrobe consisted of 1 x pair of maternity jeans, which are still super comfortable these were definitely a good buy and 2 x maternity tops which are of equal value and are also still being worn!

In my quest to feel like the perfect Mother I eagerly enrolled me and my partner onto our local NCT course and the free NHS courses, you know so we got a rounded view of everything baby. I felt out of place at both of them. It was like I was sitting in some dream land, like a square peg being wedged into this perfectly moulded round hole of Motherhood that everyone was expecting from me.

Every pregnant lady loves a gym ball

There were 5 other couples on our NCT course, they all seemed around the same age as us. Deep down I wanted the 5 other ladies to be my new friends, I needed to chat and stuff cake in my mouth with ladies that understood me. I did not want to be sat in a cold hall on a Sunday morning learning about vaginas and wombs with 5 other Men I had never met before.
I remember one NCT class on breathing in labour. I was rolled onto a gym ball and my somewhat bewildered partner tried to lovingly stroke and rub my back with the instructor asking us to imagine a beach with waves crashing around us. All I could imagine was how ridiculous we all looked and thinking if I'm like this in labour rolling around on a ball probably imaging Skegness as it's the only beach I can seem to sum up in my imagination then this is hysterical. I laughed quietly to start with but by trying to pretend I wasn't laughing it quickly escalated into a full on roar of laughter, I was politely stared at by our very lovely instructor who looked somewhat bewildered, I left the room. I continued to laugh loudly, alone in the corridor. My better controlled other half clinging onto the gym ball amongst the 5 couples that seemingly wanted to learn this crap. I had paid for the NCT course so I was going to dam well enjoy it but I just can't pretend to fit into that round hole sometimes and a bit of the real me comes out.

I hope through this blog I can find my square hole or maybe it is changing to be a round hole after all. Who knows I'm already 7 months in and so much has changed!

Square Peg Mum