Saturday, 16 April 2016

Motherhood and friends

In the days and weeks, after giving birth you are plunged into becoming a Mother. It is all consuming. There are tears and some laughter and then normally more tears. Some days you feel like you are super Mum, you have it nailed. Sometimes you feel like a complete failure. It's on these days that we need our friends.

Motherhood and Friends

Friday, 18 March 2016

Blogger awards - Nominations open

Today saw the opening for nominations of two well know blogger awards.
The Mum and Dad Blog Awards (MADs) hosted by Tots100 and The Brilliance in Blogging Awards (BiBs) hosted by BritMums

Celebrating THE MADS 2016BiBs Brilliance in Blogging 2016

Both have categories for new bloggers and I would be over the moon to be considered by my readers. I would also get a swanky night in a hotel with the blessing of Mr Bomber and be without a baby Bomber for the first time ever. I'm not going to force you to do this but why would you not let this happen for me! My blog can be nominated in any category you think it fits but the two below are the ones I think fit the best.

MADS you can nominate me for Best New Blog over at TOTS100 here 
BiBs you can nominate me for Fresh Voice over at Brit Mums here

you can nominate my blog in more than one category if you want. And ANYONE can nominate.

You need:
Blog name: Square Peg Mum

Blog URL:
Twitter ID: @Squarepegmum
Bloggers Email:

pick you favourite post and grab the URL using Copy and paste

Happy nominating and don't forget you are giving me freedom and a night away. ALONE. With no sick, snot, eye bogeys and smushed up cream cheese sandwiches. I may even take my hair out of the Mum bun!

Thursday, 17 March 2016

The dummy diary: Part 1

This is the start of us weaning Bomber from his dummy at 11 months old. The dummy diary is a series of blog updates detailing the ups and down, tears and tantrums. This is the first installment. 

Baby Bomber currently has a dummy. It was introduced to him when he was approx 3 months old. We were aware a dummy could reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and that was about as far as our research went. He didn't really require a dummy at home, he very rarely cried and would naturally settle to sleep by himself (I know you can just hate me now if you want)
I am now writing this from that post baby part of my brain that doesn't really work that well so I may gloss over things. 

baby with dummy in mouth

One day we went out shopping and Bomber cried and cried and cried. Mr Bomber and I were beyond tired and stressed and were still to do the much loved chore of food shopping.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Things that irritate me since having a baby

This post will definitely be added to in the future as my life trundles along. I'm happy to share the ranty (is that a word?) thoughts I have on an almost daily basis. Ladies and gentleman, I give you 'Things that irritate me since having a baby'

things that irritate me since having a baby